Canvas Products of Dothan offers a huge selection of tarps and canvas tarps in-house that come in multiple sizes and colors.

We are committed to offering the highest quality tarps and the best service.

Tarps have nearly an unlimited amount of uses. Our goal has always been to offer the best tarps as well as offer helpful tips and information that enable our customers to get the best use they can out of their tarps. Our mission is to save people money with the lowest prices and educate new ways to use tarps.

There is so much more to a tarp than throwing it on top of something to cover it. We share our expertise with our customers and are constantly looking for new ways to expand our extensive tarps catalog. We can manufacture tarps in all shapes including standard rectangular and square tarps, box covers, cylinder covers, and curtains. You can detail your specifications, such as length, width, height, and diameter on our custom tarps and covers page. In addition, you can email us a sketch of your design and we will turn your tarp or custom cover vision into a reality. You can also specify any requirements for grommets, fasteners, reinforced webbing, and drawstrings.

Heavy Duty Custom Tarps Made To Your Specification

Environmental Tarps

We provide environmental tarps for a multitude of uses. Hay tarps and covers, pond liners, erosion protectors, silage covering and protection, athletic field covers, canal lines, secondary containments, container liners, grain covers and more.

Roll Tarps

Roll Tarps are fine tuned for the uncompromising weather and diverse production of the United States. Our focus on innovation, premium materials and long-lasting performance ensures superior protection with every load. Ranging from manual to electric roll tarps and hopper conversions, Canvas Products of Dothan has the solution for you! There’s a lot to be said for experience, uncompromising quality and exceptional performance.


Keep your yard, worksite, or pool deck shady and cool any time of year with mesh tarps from Canvas Products of Dothan.

Our screen tarps are designed to add outdoor privacy and UV protection, plus more! Install on your fence or pergola to protect your outdoor living or workspace. Mesh screens are perfect for keeping your outdoor gatherings safe from the sun and nosy neighbors. We have multiple products for different uses.

For unpredictable and inclement weather, our hurricane mesh tarps feature double folded hems and a double lock-stitch. These heavy duty mesh tarps can be used year-round for protection from wind, sun, and rain. This is just one example of how effective our protective windscreens and shade tarps are.

Box Tarps

Box Tarps feature front and tail flaps that are sewn along the the edges of the drops, forming a permanent box shape that is waterproof and air tight. This is especially useful when hauling the same size load on a regular basis. There’s no need to mess with positioning flaps if you know the dimensions of your load never change. We carry several different sizes of 18oz vinyl box tarps to fit your cargo best.

Steel Tarps

Steel tarps are useful for securing shorter, heavier loads where longer drops are not necessary. They are waterproof and coated to protect against UV rays and inclement weather. Flatbed steel tarps are thick enough to shield your cargo from road debris during transit and reinforced D-rings let you secure your load to keep it from shifting.

Coil Tarps

Coil tarps for flatbed trailers feature grommets along the bottom, D-rings all around, and chain slits in the corners, available in 5′, 6′, and 7′ sizes.

Lumber Tarps

Lumber tarps are designed with a flap at the end to cover the ends of lumber on a flatbed truck. Our heavy duty tarps are built to withstand rain, wind and sun. Keep your load protected and trust that your lumber will arrive at its destination undamaged. 


Three Piece Tarp set for flatbed lumber trailers up to 50′. 18 oz Black waterproof vinyl coated fabric


24′ x 26′ Lumber Tarp with an 8′ x 8′ Tail, 3 Rows of D-Rings and grommets around the edge. From 18 oz Vinyl Heavy Duty 8′ Drop Lumber Tarps made in the U.S.A.


6′ Drop Lightweight Lumber Tarp – For trailers up to 50′. Set requires 2 tarps – Tarps Are Sold Individually


Lightweight Lumber Tarp – For trailers up to 50′. Set requires 2 tarps – Tarps Are Sold Individually